Private Tours Katakolo – Olympia

“Private Tours Katakolo – Olympia”


This is a shore excursion from Katakolon Port.

If you want a private guided tour of the Olympic Games site and the archaeological museum or if you are on a cruise visiting Katakolon port, and want to tour the local wineries, local Christian Orthodox monasteries, the magnificent local beaches or indulge in some of the wonderful tavernas and restaurants, the Private Guided Tours by Pyrgos Travel is your best option!

Pyrgos2Katakolo (Pyrgos Travel) is operated by KTEL Ilias which is the public bus company of the area of Ilia. We offer the best Katakolon port bus transport services. Train, bus, taxi or public transport. We do it all!

Your itinerary can be tweaked to visit only what you want. The tour can be transformed into a winery tour or even a different beaches tour, a food based tour, or a tour of the local markets. We recommend a minimum 4 hours tour to explore Olympia and the surrounding area. If more time is available the tour can be expanded to 6 or 7 hours. Since these are private tours, any last minute changes are not a problem and can be accommodated. It all depends on the time you have available in the port of Katakolo.

If you do the classical shore excursion, it usually is a half-day excursion from the port of Katakolon to Ancient Olympia. Our licensed tour guide will show you the sacred archaeological site of Olympia, where the ancient Olympic Games were held. This guided tour of the archeological site and museum will last about 2 and a half hours. 

The Archaeological Site of Olympia is one of the most important in the World as it continues to give to mankind the Olympic flame, and the message of sportsmanship and sacred world truce. At the archaeological site you will see a wide range of sport facilities as well as religious buildings of the ancient world, such as the Temple of Zeus (the largest temple in the Peloponnese), the Philipeion, the Temple of Hera, the Stadium , the Palestra and many other sights to admire.

olympia-museumAfter the archaeological site, we will visit one of the most important museums in Greece -the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Olympia. This hosts priceless exhibits such as the Hermes of Praxiteles, the sculptural decoration of the temple of Zeus in which was placed the statue of Zeus made of ebony, ivory and gold. It was considered to be one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

When it’s time to depart for the port of Katakolon , your driver/guide will make sure that everyone is on the bus and will escort you back to the port. On the way back you can discuss your experience in Olympia, ask questions and your guide will be happy to answer.

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