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Central Greece and Thessaly  has been inhabited since prehistoric times and is one of the most historically important parts of the country. It stands out for its natural beauty: wooded mountains, rivers, lakes and abundant flora and fauna. It’s also famous for its magnificent archaeological sites, the oracle at Delphi topping the list.

And then you have Thessaly, which boasts majestic mountains (Olympus, home of the gods, and Kissavos), geological marvels (Meteora), famous rivers (the Pineios), gorges, valleys, lakes and a multitude of beaches. It is an area full of historic landmarks (archaeological sites, traditional villages, Byzantine monasteries and churches) but also opportunities for winter sports. Discover the singular and exciting beauty of Central Greece.
Country Greece
Area 14.037
Languages spoken Greek
Currency Euro
Visa requirements None

Sports and nature

Sports and nature Living nature whatever the season Central Greece offers a huge range of activities from below sea level to the peaks of imposing mountains. In the winter you can ski at Greece’s largest and best organised ski centre, at Parnassos, or at other ski centres like those at Velouhi, above Karpenissi, and at Hania, on Pelion. Livadi boasts off-road driving, horse riding, ice skating, trekking and much more. Kissavos is ideal for canyoning in the Kalypsous Gorge and its cascades. The Meteora attract rock climbers from around the world. The old paths of Pelion through stunning scenery are excellent for hikers as are the more than 50 trails on Mt Parnassos. Hiking in the vicinity of Meteora offers incredible views. Off-roaders will enjoy the tracks around northern Pelion, around Tsagarada and Kissos. One very special experience is crossing the Agrafa next to the river while the dirt tracks in the mountains above Nafpaktos have been called the Switzerland of Greece. The calm waters of the Pagasitic Gulf south of Pelion are suitable for sailing and sea-canoeing, Agiokambos has good windsurfing while Lake Plastira offers dozens of activities (horseback-riding, archery, cycling, canoeing, rowing and more). For rafting you should head to the Tavropos, Evinos, Pineios and Acheloos rivers and for river trekking to the gorge of Panta Vrehei (‘It is always raining’) in Evrytania. And don’t forget: you can always set your sights on climbing Olympos, Kissavos, Parnassos, Ghiona or Oiti.


Nightlife Thessaly is a region with lounge and calm nightlife, as almost all tourist places there are actually family places. The only places with some vivid nightlife are the large towns of Thessaly, especially Volos, Larissa and Trikala which have many all-night clubs and bars. The tourist places of Thessaly are mostly calm and have lounge cafes to spend a relaxing night. The beach resorts of Pelion have charming nightlife with bars playing soft music. Agios Ioannis, Milina and Platanias have nice bars and taverns along the waterfront. The same goes for the beach resorts of Agiokampos in Larissa and also Agria and Nea Anchialos in Volos.

Culture and history

Culture & history Cultural landmark monuments Delphi, considered the navel of the world by the ancients. The site itself, and its adjacent museum, is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. Heroic Thermopylae reminds us of the sacrifice made by Leonidas and his 300 Spartans. Also notable are Thermos and the famous ancient cities surrounding Lake Kopais in Viotia (Thebes, Aliartos, Orchomenos, Akrefnio and Hani tis Gravias). Meteora, the largest and most important monastic community in Greece after Mount Athos, is world-famous. The imposing castle of Nafpaktos is one of the most well-preserved in Greece. The Venetians gave it its present form.

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