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The Peloponnese is a destination for all seasons, with a rich history and a rich landscape. It’s the land of ancient Sparta, home of the holy olive grove and the birthplace of the Olympic Games. War, peace and culture saturate its cities and its countryside, and the ancient monuments that are scattered throughout. Here you’ll find the ancient theatre of Epidaurus, and next to it the Asclepius (a Unesco World Heritage Site). The Peloponnese is a celebration of contrasts: majestic mountains embraced by a dramatic, golden coastline of endless beaches and exotic coves. Pure, unspoilt landscapes, technicolour water and fertile valleys are all just a short car-ride away.
Road-trippers and landlubbers never tire of its winding roads that disappear into the horizon, where sea and sky become one. Its villages, both seaside and alpine, will enchant you with their age-old traditions and exceptional food. You’ll be transported to another time wandering through ancient monuments and resplendent mediaeval Venetian and Byzantine castles. Then rest up for the big days ahead at traditional guest villas in stone-built hamlets and modern luxurious resorts, with their 5-star service and modern day amenities.
Country Greece
Area 21,549
Languages spoken Greece
Currency Euro
Visa requirements None

Sports and nature

Sports and nature The Peloponnese is a paradise for thrill seekers and adventure-lovers. Off-road driving, hiking and rock climbing in the Taygetos Mountains. The European long-distance hiking trail, E4, passes through here, and there are dozens of other signposted paths in every area. The more courageous will want to head to Lagada, that has a rock climbing park.


Nightlife The large region of Peloponnese is mostly a peaceful romantic place. In every corner of Peloponnese, visitors will find traditional taverns with delicious recipes and local wine. Prefer taverns by the seaside or up on the hills, as they offer the best views. These taverns are fantastic options for a romantic and peacfeul night out. For something more vivid, you can enjoy a nice drink in the many lounge bars in the beach resorts of Peloponnese that usually stay open till 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning. If you are looking for Nightlife in Peloponnese, there are certain regions famous for the night parties. Pylos and Kalamata have many clubs that stay open till the early hours. Particularly the spot of Vigla above Kalamata has nice clubs and offers great night views. All night clubs are also found in Katakolon and Killini, western Peloponnese, as well as in the beaches of Patra. Famous for its vibrant nightlife is also the town of Nafplion and the close beach resort of Tolo.

Culture and history

Culture & history You’ll stand awe-struck in Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, tour Homer’s ‘gold-rich Mycenae’. You’ll catch a sensational performance at the famous ancient theatre of Epidaurus and visit the Asclepius. You’ll discover the temple of Apollo Epikourios at Basses (Bassae) created by the same architect that built the Parthenon, Iktinos (another Unesco World Heritage Site). The Peloponnese is a living lesson in mediaeval and Byzantine architecture, particularly the well-preserved castle of Mystra in Sparta, the castles in Methoni and Pylos.

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