Central Macedonia

Central Macedonia

Things to do - general
Macedonia is a collection of diverse landscapes. As the nature changes from region to region so do the people, culture and traditions. The city of Thessaloniki is surrounded by beautiful scenery. To the east lies Halkidiki, a seaside paradise made up of heavenly beaches, unspoilt wilderness and the solitary world of Mount Athos. To the west, the landscape becomes calm and tranquil. You’ll be inspired by the grand mansions and churches of Kastoria. Feel a sense of serenity in the mountainous region of Vitsi and take time to reflect at the lakes of Prespa.
Experience the remarkable culture of eastern Macedonia by embracing the customs and traditions of the locals. Here you’ll enjoy 365 days of diverse activities from water sports to skiing, trekking and bird watching. Whether you come for an extended winter or summer holiday or a short weekend getaway with friends and family, Macedonia will help you create experiences you’ll never forget.
Country Greece
Area 34,177
Languages spoken Greek
Currency Euro
Visa requirements None

Sports and nature

Sports and nature With beaches, lakes, rivers, canyons, dense forests and snowy mountains, Macedonia caters to everyone’s needs. Whether your passion is skiing, hiking or rafting you’ll find it here. Begin in Vasilitsa (Grevena) at the top of the Pindos mountain range where you’ll ski, snowboard or sled through the fir trees. The next ski centre, Seli, was the first such centre in Greece. Go to Kaimaktsalan (Pella) and visit the highest snow bar in Greece at an altitude of more than 2,000m. In 3-5 Pigadia, the ski season grows longer each year. There is also a resort on Falakro (Volakas, St Athanasios, in Drama), the Lailias Ski Centre, Vigla Pisoderi and Elatohori, by the sea. For trekking, head to the Prespa lakes, in the region of Valia Kalda - Arkoudorema - Flega, and waterfalls in the virgin forest of Fraktos, the Enippeas River at Litochoro. Walk or bike through the magical forest of Kotza Orman (Drama). End up at the top of the mythical Mount Olympus. The highest peak is Mytikas, at an altitude of 2,917m. Observe rare birds such as flamingos in Prespa and Lake Kerkini. For rafting-kayaking go to the Nestos and Aliakmonas. For canoeing test your resilience in the lakes of Florina and Prespa. And for a spa experience, head to Pozar – hot springs in the middle of the lush, snowy landscape.


Nightlife THESSALONIKI NEVER SLEEPS!! That's why every Thessalonian can be proud! Thessaloniki is fifth in the list''Cities with great nightlife'' that can be found in the latest issue of Lonely Planet. ''Thessaloniki has its own unique style. Anything from malls and famous brands shops to restaurants, bars, taverns, bouzoukia or discos can be found in Greece's second largest city. What is more, the city offers a great ammount of exhibits, Byzantine churches and museums. It's not cheap, but you really have to pay a visit!''

Culture and history

Culture & history History and civilisation in the land of Alexander the Great Discover the long and noble history of Thessaloniki. From the White Tower to the Yedi Kule and the Upper Town, you’ll be introduced to the lifeblood of a city through its sights and museums. And don’t forget the yearly International Film Festival. Visit important archaeological sites throughout Macedonia, chief among them the Royal Tombs of Vergina, the Ancient Stageira of Halkidiki (birthplace of Aristotle), the archaeological site of Dion in Pieria, Pella (the ancient capital of Macedonia) and ancient Aiani, in Kozani, a treasure from the Bronze Age. Explore more than 15 arched stone bridges in Grevena, most notable among them Portitsa and Aziz Aga. In Kastoria, there are magnificent stone-built houses of the villages of Pentalogos and Siatista, the works of the famed Zoupaniotes builders. And, last but not least, there are the beautifully restored mansions of Nymfaio, amongst which you’ll find the imposing Nikeio School.

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Central Macedonia
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