About us

Pyrgos_travelLOGO300The public company KTEL of  ILIA started its operation in 1952, and is the oldest and the largest carrier of the shire of Ilia. Ilia is the shire in which belongs the world known archaeological site, and UNESCO world heritage site, Ancient Olympia.

In 2001 the company decided to extend it’s tourism sector starting with one single tour bus. In the following years the fleet has now reached  three (3) more modern tourist buses, and their operation is nowadays independent from the original KTEL company and now operate under the name “Pyrgos Travel”.

The company’s operations include  tours for different local clubs and schools, hotel reservations, car rentals , bus/coach rental  (20 to 60 seats), inbound tourism , tour services for large groups available in all ports utilised by cruise ships in the whole of Greece, and finally individual vacation packages.